SBMPs short info

SBMPs - Initial Training Network (EU Marie Curie Actions) of centres of scientific excellence

12 European laboratories:
A. Milon (coordinator), J.L. Popot, E. Pebay-Peyroula, H. Vogel, A. Engel, H.Oschkinat, M. Baldus, D. Müller, H. Grubmüller, F. Bernhard, S. Filipek, M. Archer

3 industrial partners:
Sanofi, JPK instruments, Zobio inc.

14 Visiting Scientists:
D. Engelman, R. Griffin, K. Palczewski, O. Soubias, M. Piotto, J. Baenziger, M. Cocco, T. Schmidt, M. Engelhard, A. Kuklin, L. Yaguzhinskiy, G. Bueldt, S. Yoshikawa, V. Shirokov


Training of researchers in the first five years of their careers in theoretical and practical aspects of a wide range of structural biology approaches

Major Achievements

Funding of 23 PhD positions and 13 early career post-docs, all in collaborative projects Organisation of 10 practical workshops, open to ITN fellows and external participants from Europe: Cell-Free Expression, Liquid-State NMR, Solid-State NMR, Amphipols, X-Ray Crystallography, Numerical Simulations, Electron Microscopy, AFM-SMFS, Complementary Skills (Bruker Symposium, Research-Based Business)
Organisation of 4 network-wide meetings with presentations by fellows, SBMPs members and external experts. Publication of results in peer-reviewed journals:

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